Chavez-Gibson, Sarah Dr.

Hello My Name Is...

Dr. Sarah Chavez Gibson

The University of Texas at El Paso
Educational Leaders Affirmation

Adapted from the Boston University Educator’s
Affirmation written by Steven Tigner
I dedicate myself to a life as an
educational leader, to laying the
living foundation upon which
future generations must continue
to build their lives.
I dedicate myself to lead with moral
courage, for I know that humanity
cannot flourish without honor,
compassion, integrity, patience,
trust and principled behaviors.
I dedicate myself to my obligation to
preserve the dignity and worth of
all students, for I know I must be
an advocate for them whoever
they are, whatever they are doing
and from wherever they come.
I dedicate myself to initiate, innovate
and inspire, for I know to do
otherwise would be a disservice to
my profession, my role as an
educational leader and my greater
I commit myself to the advancement
of my continued learning and
development as an ethical leader
for I know I must bear witness in
my own life to the ideals I
In the presence of this gathering, I so
dedicate and commit myself to
this affirmation.