" Books are a uniquely portable magic." -- Stephen King

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Welcome to the Stanton Library Media Center Page!  My name is Annette Schatzman and I am the Librarian.  The Library Media Center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Lots of things are happening in the Library Media Center!  We have new e-books and we have several e-book databases including Tumblebooks.  Tumblebooks has almost 1,000 books in the collection with e-books on everything from picture books to graphic novels!  We also have online e-research resources to help with choosing science fair projects and doing research reports.  We have a science database, PowerKnowledge for grades 4-5 which includes science fair projects.  We have a database, called PebbleGo, for grades K-3.  Included in PebbleGo is Animals, Science, Biographies and Social Studies.  We also have a collection of e3-Books on Texas history for grades 4-5.  New books have also been added to the Library Media Center collection!

Two new databases have been added to the collection, BookFlix and ScienceFlixBookFlix is geared for PK - 3 and contains paired books - fiction with a nonfiction book.  The fiction book is an e-book and the system reads the book to the student.  The nonfiction book can be read by the system, the student, or a favorite adult.  This database also contains 32 paired Dual Language books.  This database is beneficial for students having difficulty reading.  ScienceFlix is our newest science database.  There are several categories correlated to our curriculum and state standards.  The articles can be read in English or Spanish.  Our teaching science coach, Ms. Martinez, is using this database at school.  These databases will operate on any platform.  Check out our collection of e-Books and databases!

Tumblebooks, ABDO, additional e-books and the e-research databases will operate on any platform and are available to our school community 24/7.  To find out more information and find more items in the Library Media Center, go to the panel in the upper left hand corner of the page and click on "Go to Stanton Library Media Pages".  Information, reference materials, fun and e-books await!

Online Catalog:  to check your child's library account, click on the "Online Catalog", select "Account", enter your child's ID number.  Click on: "Checked Out" and you can see what books your child has checked out.

See you in the Library Media Center!